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Posted by Tubby Paul on October 15, 2013


Post Run Exhaustion!

I owe you all an apology, I must be the worst blogger ever! Seriously, those of you who can fit in working, exercising, family time AND blogging I am in awe of you and have no idea how you do it!

Right, well since I last posted, I have changed from being someone who was hoping they could drag my arse around 13.1 miles to a sub 2 hour half marathon runner! (Yes you read that right!)  I will do a proper post about the Perkins Great Eastern Run 2013 soon!

I have now taken part in a few ParkRuns at the beautiful Ferry Meadows in Peterborough, and I am really enjoying it, the last time I went, I was a lot slower though, as my eldest came with me, and bless her she made it, she finished the 5k in 45 minutes, with me as a very proud Dad! She is now planning her training routes and working out when she can get out running at her Mums house too, I am well proud of her!

Oh I ate all my sample box of absolutely brilliant Quest Nutrition bars, again, I will get my review written soon, but safe to say white chocolate & raspberry is heavenly!

Sad to say that with all my running training, plus my shift work while I’ve been up at Lossiemouth, I haven’t taken a single indoor cycling class for ages now, but I’ll get to put that right soon, with regular classes while I am in Afghanistan!

I didn’t tell you about that you say?? Well yes, for the last few months I have been doing the 1000 mile round trip commute up and down to Lossiemouth in North East Scotland, where I have had the pleasure of working on 617 Sqn, the Dambusters, and now I am preparing to deploy as part of this historic squadrons final deployment operating Tornado!

What else, oh yes, well I may have got a little carried away, but as I am enjoying my running so much, I asked the RAF Association if they would allow me to run the Virgin Money London Marathon for them, and they said yes! It is a scary prospect, running for roughly 4 and a half hours non stop, I have a lot to do to get ready for it, including how to fuel myself around the run! I am going to experiment with gels I think, if anyone has any brands or flavours they would recommend, let me know please!  I am hoping to raise a lot of money for RAFA, so please support if you can.

Right, that’ll do for now, I’ll TRY not to take so long for my next post, but I’m not promising!

See you in the gym,



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Holiday Training – Running at Sea Level

Posted by Tubby Paul on August 9, 2013

I am just coming to the end of 2 wonderful weeks on the Isle Of Wight, where I have enjoyed a brilliant family holiday with my clan, but most importantly, I have managed to stick to my training programme! 🙂

Okay my diet has not been perfect, but I have not indulged as much as I would have historically, I have been having plenty of fruit and fibre, and little alcohol, so all things taken into consideration I consider I haven’t been too bad on the food front.

As for my training, well I am very proud to say I have stuck to my 12 week training plan to the letter, and have also discovered that I now enjoy a little cross country running, which I hated at school!

I really am proud of myself, mainly because I doubted I would do it, normally a holiday would be just the kind of excuse I would use to skip my training plan, then of course I would take a week or 2 to get back into it, meaning I would have lost 4 weeks of my training, and would be a lot less likely to be ready to run the half marathon I am training for, meaning I would be more likely to fail, and I really do not want to fail! I think the support I have already had on twitter, and the fact that sponsorship money has started coming in would mean I would be letting people down if I fail, also I would be letting myself down, as I am really starting to enjoy my new healthy lifestyle, and sticking to it on my holiday has proven to me (and the family) that it is more than a whim, it truly is a way of life!

Have I missed the booze? Not really, no hangover when you have 4 kids is actually a bonus, and have I missed the huge meals out? If I am honest, no! When I do eat too much now, I am left feeling bloated and horrible, which is not a feeling to enjoy at anytime, let alone while on holiday!

This holiday has taught me a couple of things though, cross country is actually quite fun! Getting off the tarmac and onto the footpaths and tracks around the Isle of Wight have shown me a whole new opportunity to my running, although I will need to invest in a new set of trainers, as my zoots as much as I love them are not up to cross country! Another thing I am loving is ending my evening run on the beach, me doing my best Rocky impression in the surf!


So all in all, my holiday has been brilliant, yes I might avoid the scales for an extra week or so, but I know I am well on track with my training for the Perkins Great Eastern Run in October!

See you in the gym,


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