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Family Time, Get It While You Can!

Posted by Tubby Paul on October 20, 2013

If you follow me on Twitter you’ll probably be well aware that I am a very proud father of 4 wonderful children. With my job in the RAF, I do have to spend a fair amount of time away from home, this is obviously time I cannot spend with my kids. When I am home though, spending quality time with my family is very important to me. Now however, I am taking my running more seriously, and I have to fit that in too, when I am at home, usually that involves running in the late evening once all the kids are in bed, and my dinner has gone down! While this is not cutting into dad time, it does cut into mum & dad time quite considerably, which is time I also value!1383714_312335162240076_402196483_n

Imagine my delight therefore when my 10 year old (and eldest) daughter asked the other week if she could come running with me! Of course I was delighted, yes I knew it would mean my run that day wouldn’t be an effective workout for me, but what it did mean is my example is working, my children are seeing a healthy lifestyle and of their own free will emulating that choice! That one question convincing me that when I began this fitness journey 2 years ago, I had made the right choice! 2 years ago, I was horrified watching my children pretending to smoke, now I am so proud that they still want to be like their dad!

So Saturday morning we pulled our trainers on, my eldest pulling on some old leggings and a top, and we went for a little run! We jogged a bit, and walked a bit, used markers like lamp posts to run between, smiling and laughing a mile and a half later we fell back in the door, my daughter sweating but happy!

After showers and banana,  I told her about Parkrun, which I had recently started going to on a Saturday morning, and she liked the sound of it, so we registered her on the computer as well, printed our bar codes, and for her 2nd ever run, attempted her first 5k!

I will admit I didn’t think she would make it, and about 2/3rds of the way round, without some encouraging words I think she would quite happily have quit, but she didn’t! And with a brilliant sprint finish, her first 5k was done!946405_10152303396621978_1008121442_n

That was last Saturday, I was so proud of her, and she of herself, but guess what happened this Saturday…….

Well to my genuine surprise she got up out of bed again to come with me! And once again, she found the middle difficult to keep going, but finished strong in the rain!

We are both enjoying this extra time together, and it really is quality daddy daughter time, I am so proud of her, she is asking Santa for pink running clothes for Christmas, and now wants to take part in the Perkins Great Eastern Fun Run next year when I do the half again, well if she keeps doing the Parkrun, she will ace it!!

Unfortunately I am now going away again for 4 months, and I will miss all my children, they are my universe, and the whole reason I am who I am, but Kids, I’ll be back before you know it, and we can all get some more quality family time!


See you in the gym



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Posted by Tubby Paul on October 15, 2013


Post Run Exhaustion!

I owe you all an apology, I must be the worst blogger ever! Seriously, those of you who can fit in working, exercising, family time AND blogging I am in awe of you and have no idea how you do it!

Right, well since I last posted, I have changed from being someone who was hoping they could drag my arse around 13.1 miles to a sub 2 hour half marathon runner! (Yes you read that right!)  I will do a proper post about the Perkins Great Eastern Run 2013 soon!

I have now taken part in a few ParkRuns at the beautiful Ferry Meadows in Peterborough, and I am really enjoying it, the last time I went, I was a lot slower though, as my eldest came with me, and bless her she made it, she finished the 5k in 45 minutes, with me as a very proud Dad! She is now planning her training routes and working out when she can get out running at her Mums house too, I am well proud of her!

Oh I ate all my sample box of absolutely brilliant Quest Nutrition bars, again, I will get my review written soon, but safe to say white chocolate & raspberry is heavenly!

Sad to say that with all my running training, plus my shift work while I’ve been up at Lossiemouth, I haven’t taken a single indoor cycling class for ages now, but I’ll get to put that right soon, with regular classes while I am in Afghanistan!

I didn’t tell you about that you say?? Well yes, for the last few months I have been doing the 1000 mile round trip commute up and down to Lossiemouth in North East Scotland, where I have had the pleasure of working on 617 Sqn, the Dambusters, and now I am preparing to deploy as part of this historic squadrons final deployment operating Tornado!

What else, oh yes, well I may have got a little carried away, but as I am enjoying my running so much, I asked the RAF Association if they would allow me to run the Virgin Money London Marathon for them, and they said yes! It is a scary prospect, running for roughly 4 and a half hours non stop, I have a lot to do to get ready for it, including how to fuel myself around the run! I am going to experiment with gels I think, if anyone has any brands or flavours they would recommend, let me know please!  I am hoping to raise a lot of money for RAFA, so please support if you can.

Right, that’ll do for now, I’ll TRY not to take so long for my next post, but I’m not promising!

See you in the gym,


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Men in Tights – Running Tights a Review

Posted by Tubby Paul on October 30, 2012

Well the weather has changed, that’s for sure, and it has made me want to wear tights! Not in a Superman or Robin Hood style, but running tights to stop the wind from chilling my legs so bad!

I opted for a pair  Karrimor Mens Running Tights, this is the official blurb…

Tights“Run further and faster than before in the Karrimor Running Tights designed with an elasticated, inner draw pull waistband for a secure and comfortable fit coupled with a 2 mesh panels for breathability and a reflective strip on each side to provide low light visibility. The mens full length running tights also feature zipped up bottoms with reflective strips and a small zipped back pocket with the Karrimor logo for small essentials.

> Mens running tights
> Reflective strips
> Karrimor logos
> Elasticated draw pull waistband
> Zipped bottoms
> 2 mesh panels
> Small zipped back pocket
> 93% polyester / 7% elastane
> Machine washable”

Now this is my first pair of running tights, so I have nothing to compare them too, but I will tell you what I think! The first thing I noticed, (as did my better half,) these tights leave NOTHING to the imagination! These are not a clothes choice for the self conscious, that said, they are not quite obscene, however I wouldn’t wear them on the school run!
I have worn these for a couple of runs now, the first one was on a very cold and windy day, as I came out of the cover onto the river bank, the cold wind came across the fields, and yes I could feel the sweat being wicked away from my legs, and a definite cooling effect, but, my legs did not get cold! Had I been in my shorts, I know I would have had stinging thighs at that point!

Another advantage of these tights, well, if like me you are carrying a little too much weight, there might not be a great deal of breathing space between your inner thighs, now vaseline is my usual fix, but with these tights, as I guess with any long and tight-fitting leg wear, there has been no need! That is a very big plus as far as I’m concerned!

The small pocket sits just at the top of your bum, and fits a smart phone and your key easily and securely, and lets face it what more do you need to take with you?

Overall I would say these are a comfortable and practical solution to my winter running needs, and as such they get a belly rating of 4 out of 5!

See you in the gym,

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Sharing my first time!

Posted by Tubby Paul on September 25, 2012

Well I did it, and you know what it wasn’t THAT bad, no one stopped and stared at me, no one pointed and laughed as I went by, it was nowhere near as scary as I thought!

I went for a run outside!! Okay, so some of you are thinking big deal I’m sure, well to me it is a big deal! I can not recall EVER running outside of my own free will, without having been told too by my PE teacher in the early days, or the PTI’s in later life, and yes I have had some horrible flash backs to my old school cross-country, but luckily it was nothing like that!

Now, I didn’t go ever so far, but there  is a very real difference between running outside and in the gym on the treadmill, you have to think of slopes, dodge left behind dog muck, avoid where the path is being dug up, mind the little old lady walking her yorkshire terrier, and all kinds of other hazards you can’t anticipate. I think I set off a little fast, as I was soon huffing and puffing like a good un, but I was running…..outside!

So that’s it, I don’t know how far I ran, (I was out about 25 minutes) I don’t know what my heart rate got to or how many calories I burnt as I forgot to put my heart monitor on, I didn’t listen to music, I just ran……outside! It nigh on killed me, I got home feeling like death, my early faster than normal pace taking its toll, but I didn’t stop at all untill I finished the short loop I had planned. Ok I’ll admit, I did feel better once I had a shower, a bite to eat, and got my breath back!

So that’s it, the story of my first time, shorter than expected, and very tiring, but I will definitely be doing it again!

See you in the gym (or maybe outside!)


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Couch to 5km in 4 weeks!

Posted by Tubby Paul on August 31, 2012

Let me just get a few things clear at the start of this post, this is not a training programme, I am by no stretch of the imagination an expert in anything to do with fitness or nutrition or medical stuff, in fact I’m not exactly what you would call an expert in anything really, and I can not, nor would not advise you to follow what I have done without making your own mind up! I am not going to tell you what to do, I have no magic wand to wave that will make it happen, all I can do is tell you about me, and how I have done it!

As you may or may not be aware, I am fat! I have always had a weight issue, mainly because I love eating, I love food, pretty much all food, and in large quantities! I also did not exercise very much… (For very much read not at all!) I have tried to give myself a kick up the arse needed a few times, but with little success, so what did I do differently this time I hear you ask?

The Problem
Well….It all started with a holiday, my holiday, my annual family holiday to the Isle of Wight, we go every year, and this year, I really indulged! We had used an online supermarket to order our food, and it was delivered just after we arrived, what became immediately apparent was that we had over ordered, A LOT! We had so much bacon it was unbelievable, but it had been on a very good special offer! Crisps too, had been on another fantastic offer, well you sense the theme now I’m sure, there was lots of naughty food, and I ate most of it!

The size of my problem was not obvious until the Monday morning after our holiday, when as usual, I wake up before the rest of the house, sneaking round in the dark trying not to wake everyone up as I get ready for work, everything going to plan until I go to do my trousers up….

….WOW they are tight, but they do do up! Just!

The Solution
Yes I have the fortunate position of not having to pay for my work clothes, but there is a little bit of pride that is making me not go to stores and change my trousers for the next waist size up! Yes they would be more comfortable, and yes they would probably hang better and look smarter, but I refuse! There is only one thing to do, and that is to shift some of this flab!

Step 1
New Shoes, my old trainer’s god rest their souls had been around for a while, (15 years aprox!) and had just recently been binned after a Mediterranean fishing trip involving standing in defrosted prawn juice, as they were no longer in a state where I could take them into a building! So I took myself off to Advance Performance in Peterborough. There I had quite an informative and a very interesting 30 or 40 minutes, that involved me being videoed with my jeans rolled up, running on a treadmill! Now this is not some new fetish thing, I hope, but GAIT ANALYSIS basically they do some fancy things measuring how you roll your feet when you run, they can then work out what type of support you need from a trainer, and after trying on several pairs, a bit more videoing, and a few laps of the car park, I settled on a pair of Zoot Men’s Ultra Kalani 2.0 shoes, and have never looked back!
Step 2
Start off slow, I got on the running machine got it up to a slow jog pace and plodded as long as I could, about 12 minutes! And I went to the gym every week day. I would sit on the exercise bike for 20 minutes then get on the runner and go for as long as I could, every day it got a little bit longer!
Step 3
Set a target. My first target was to run for 30 minutes. I was over the moon when I managed this, yes it had been a slow plod, but I had plodded for a whole half an hour! This was a great achievement for me!
Step 4
Find distractions. I was very lucky to nearly always have the gym to myself, so had the running machine in front of the television and could choose what I wanted to watch! I would normally choose a comedy show; QI is a favourite, something to take my mind off what I was actually doing! I now have to use a different gym, and this one is busier, so my little MP3 player has come out, it was prodigy yesterday that powered me to my 5 km!
Step 5
Pick up the pace. All I did once knock up the pace by 0.1 kph every day or so. This soon adds up, but is barely noticeable to the body!
And that’s about it! Wait I hear you cry, you’re not at 5 km yet, you can’t finish there!!
Well you’re right of course, and that’s because when I ran 5 km yesterday, I actually had no intention of doing so, I got on the machine to run my 30 minutes, put prodigy on my headphones loud and started plodding, at 20 minutes I felt quite fresh still, and it was at that moment I decided right, lets go, lets see if I can make it to 5 km, and I did! Yes I know 40 minutes for 5 km is slow, but when you compare it to what I was doing 4 weeks ago?
I for one am over the moon, and it just goes to show that if I can do it anyone can! The first session is hard to reach, the second even harder, but after that it becomes easier! I still do NOT like running, however I love the feeling running gives me when I hit another target, and just gaining a tiny bit every day gives you a boost every single day!
See you in the gym,

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Posted by Tubby Paul on August 26, 2012

Right, I know I haven’t mentioned it on here, but I have finally started doing this I have lost 6lb in the last 2 weeks, I am running for 30 minutes without stopping, (don’t think I have EVER done that), I have a great new pair of running shoes from Advance Performance in Peterborough, Great service, will go into more details on a separate blog when I get the chance, but I can now run without my knees hurting and its like a dream!!

So I have started to #FightTheFlab and fingers crossed I will keep it up this time!

Oh still not smoking either!

See you in the gym


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This is NOT a New Year’s resolution!

Posted by Tubby Paul on January 4, 2012

Honestly it’s not!! I started in the gym 2 weeks before Christmas, when I stopped smoking, but I did eat A LOT over the festivities, so now is the time to start taking this seriously!
The way I see it, no matter what excuses people come out with, if you want to lose weight, you have to put less calories into your body than you use. To quote that annoying meerkat, “Simplees”, and to increase fitness you have to exercise, again quite a simple thing, so, why on earth for the last 32 years have a been over weight / obese and unfit?? (Apart from twice, but I’ll tell you about that another time!)
I am quite lucky, at my work there is a small gym, this has some life fitness equipment, running machines, a bike, and a cross trainer and I have created an account with their virtual trainer; (I can only use this with the bike and runner though). There are also rowing machines, multi-gym type machines and free weights which I will get to once I have brought my base fitness up a bit!
Right, some stats for you then, my height is 178cm or 5ft 10 in old money, I’m not expecting my height to change, so that’s why I haven’t put it in the list!
Weight: 94 Kg 14 st 11
BMI: 28.10*
Waist: 97cm 38”
MSFT Score: Will do it at work tonight and update tomorrow!

Ok, the BMI above was worked out by the Wii Fit programme (something I will review soon) I have also used a couple of online calculators, all of which give slightly different answers, so I will stick with what the Wii says for now!
Right then, what is the MSFT Score I hear you ask? This is the multi stage fitness test, as used by the Royal Air Force to measure fitness. It is run as a 20 metre shuttle, running in time to a series of beeps that progressively get faster and faster. At my age, I have to get to level 9.10, I can’t!! It can also be simulated on a runner. 1 degree incline, start at 8km/h and increase half a km/h every minute. Each increase is roughly equivalent to a level, however they reckon you should do a couple of levels extra to make up for turning! Passing this is my first goal!
Ok, that’s going to have to be enough for today, time for work!

See you in the gym!


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Hello this is me

Posted by Tubby Paul on January 4, 2012

I am an overweight, unfit 32 year old aircraft engineer who until very recently was a dedicated smoker.  Join me as I try to regain control of my health, I will be reviewing all the stuff I use, from equipment to apps, to everything else, so you can see what helps me succeed, or just watch me fall on my fat arse, either way, I will share it with you!

This is my first ever blog, and I am still a little unsure about how this all works, so hopefully you will see this evolve too, as I get sleeker and fitter, hopefully my blog will too!

See you in the gym!!!



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