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Holiday Training

Posted by Tubby Paul on July 25, 2013

Well as you may or may not be aware, I am now officially in my training phase ready for my first ever half marathon, the Perkins Great Eastern half marathon in Peterborough, (if you can, please follow my just giving link and donate!) but I am very aware that I need to be ready for it! Now while 13.1 miles is not a huge great distance, it is still quite a big first challenge for me, a man who always hated running! 

I have found a training program on line that I am following, I also have an app called Endomondo on my phone which tracks my runs, and using their website I have just planned out my holiday run routes from where we are staying, so there is no messing around, the routes are already stored in my phone with maps and everything!  I really am liking Endomondo, I do plan to write a full review when I get time. I only have the free subscription, however I really am thinking about upgrading!

So my run routes are organised, my x-train days will be spent on the beach, either swimming or shuttles in the sand, and instead of my usual weights program, I will be doing a body weight circuit of press – ups, burpees, squat jumps, crunches, dips and heel taps, so i should be okay there too.

Yes my diet will not be as good as normal, but our eating habits as a family have changed, so yes there will be some treats, it will not be as bad as it used to be!

The only thing I need to remember now is to pack my trainers, and enjoy my holiday, knowing that it wont have hampered my efforts to run the Perkins Great East Run, and hopefully raise lots of money for the Royal Air Force Association!

See you in the gym (or on the beach!)



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Me, a progress picture

Posted by Tubby Paul on July 16, 2013

I thought long and hard about if I should share this or not, I am happier with my body now than I ever have been, although there is still a long way to go until I have the shape I want!

But this is me, it is honest and unedited, and it will be good for me to look back on in the future!

In Progress

See you in the gym,


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The Bad Habit You Must Break by Age 44 | Men’s Health News

Posted by Tubby Paul on July 13, 2013

Glad I stopped st 32! And the health benefits have been brilliant, I’m fitter than I have ever been.

See you in the gym



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Food to Run On

Posted by Tubby Paul on July 11, 2013

This is an older post, I am gutted Andrea has stopped updating this blog, but hey, we all have other things in our lives! Lets face it the best I have managed of late are a few re-blogs! This one is worth a re-blog, even if just for the list down the left of the best minimally processed foods for runners.
See you in the gym (or on the pavement!)


Jello Legs

Every day my news feeds on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, WordPress, Bloglovin’, MyFitnessPal are flooded with advice on what one should and shouldn’t be eating to live a healthy lifestyle. Some days I’ll be told to drink red wine to keep my muscles strong, others it provides me no benefits. Some days grapefruit is great for me, other days it’ll give me breast cancer. Some days red meat should be part of my healthy diet, other days it’ll shorten my lifespan. Most days I just feel like a headless chicken set loose in the supermarket.

So to simplify my decisions in the grocery aisle I created the following rules each item must pass to make it into my basket:

– whole grain flours only
– no refined sugars (chocolate is of course an exception!)
– no artificial sweeteners
– no trans fats

Some may…

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The Golden Hour

Posted by Tubby Paul on June 29, 2013

Brilliantly written, made me want to find my own mountain and my golden hour.

Run5kaday's Blog


The Golden Hour

by Patrick Reed

Often it is the case these evening afternoons that I look up from the dinner table across the lake to the broad mountains which grace us here in SLO-town, California — and pose the question to my wife.

“Honey, what would you say to my—“

Before the words are out of my mouth, she finishes the question and answers it for me — in one loving sentence: “Go get your shoes on — get outta here!”

I do my best to help the kids for bed. Get them that coveted bowl of ice cream, lay out their toothbrushes, give them kisses goodnight and promises that I will look in on them when I am back from my run during ‘the golden hour.’

As a photographer, I am well-acquainted with the sublimity of the hour of light which casts golden-rimmed shadows a 100 times the…

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Avoid These Foods That Will Increase Hunger

Posted by Tubby Paul on June 18, 2013

Makes total sense, well written.

7 Quick Weight Loss Tips

One of the biggest problems that most people encounter as they move about their fat loss diet is hunger. You can be doing perfectly on your diet program and following it exactly as you should be but as soon as hunger creeps up, you immediately move off course.

Hunger is a very difficult thing to deal with for any individual on a weight loss diet but fortunately, if you take the time to learn the foods that tend to cause the greatest amount of hunger and then be sure to stay away from them, this doesn’t have to be a problem for you.

Let’s go over the top foods that cause hunger so you can see precisely what to avoid.

White Ricebuy adiphene

The first food that could cause you to become very hungry shortly after eating it is white rice. The reason why this food is very problematic is because…

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Get Fooducated!

Posted by Tubby Paul on June 15, 2013

A great post, I fully agree, it is always worth doing your own research, and from a variety of sources!

Cara Weaver

One thing I often tell clients and friends when it comes to learning how to eat is to take ownership in your education of food and look it up rather than rely on a nutritionist, meal plan, program or book to tell you what you should eat and the nutritional value of it.

We all get in the habit of mindlessly eating foods, healthy or not, without knowing what or why we are eating them!

So, my challenge is to take a moment to find out what your regular foods are doing for you, why you benefit from them (or not), and how much you actually need in a serving.   Not just the grams of sugar, fat, or protein (which are important to be aware of and use wisely) but go deeper into what each food has in it and then how that translates to your life (ie. cancer fighting…

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So many drafts, so little time!

Posted by Tubby Paul on May 30, 2013

Well what can I say, I still can’t find the time to do a decent blog post! I am really sorry to the people who actually read my blog, that I don’t update more often, but I’m sure you will both survive!

A lot has been going on here, I am now run walking 5 km with no real pain which is good, and last week o qualified as a level 2 indoor cycling instructor! I know, me, fatty, going to teach people fitness!  Yes it came as a shock to me too! I have my first class tomorrow and I can’t wait!

I just wanted to say hi and let you know I am still going, I need to watch the diet a little (lot) better, but apart from that, all is good!

One day soon I might even finish one of the several draft posts I have started, all good ideas, just not enough hours in the day at the moment!

Anyway, must dash!

See you in the gym


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Just a Man and His Will to Survive

Posted by Tubby Paul on April 14, 2013

Some sensible advice!

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