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Can’t Run, Won’t Run!

Posted by Tubby Paul on November 3, 2012

Well this is frustrating now, just as I’m actually starting to enjoy running outside, I go and tweak my leg!
Went for a 45 minute run on Monday, and about 20 minutes in, down the length of my left shin started to ache. I guess with hindsight that would have been a good time to stop and head home, but nope, I kept going, ran my 45 minutes, and don’t tell everyone, but I did actually enjoy my run!

I got home, my leg quite sore, a shower and some ibuprofen made me feel much better, and I didn’t think a great deal more of it! The next day, I just had a dull ache, so about half advanced hour before my run, I popped a couple more tablets, and headed out. I only had time for a 20 minute run, so decided to do my old short loop and try to pick up the pace a little!

I know, yes totally the wrong thing to do! However there was no more pain on the run as I’d taken the tablets, so ran quick, and thought no more of it apart from an ache by bed time!

So now its Wednesday, and I decide to do a bit of a DIY mini circuit, 20m shuttles, Sprint then walk x 10, followed by 10 sit-ups. Managed my first set okay, got up from my sit-ups to start a sprint and ow, nope, I’m not doing that! Right, bugger, okay, let’s just jog back home then…ow nope, not doing that either!

Slow walk home it is then, and a few days of rest and stretching it is, its Saturday now, and my leg still aches, guess I will find out on Monday how it is as I will have to run at work, if it still hurts I will have to get signed off running for a few weeks. I really don’t want that to happen, as I really am starting to enjoy my running, as well as feeling and (I hope) looking better.

Guess time will tell, at least I can still do other cardiovascular and strength training, just have to make sure its low impact!  I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes!

See you in the gym



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