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The importance of goals and targets.

Posted by Tubby Paul on September 27, 2012

It’s important to have something to aim for, if you have no targets, then you have no motivation, no reason to get off that nice big comfy sofa, put the pie down and put one foot in front of the other to fight the flab!

At first I found very small targets useful, a small target means it is easily achievable, and you get a boost often, which when your blowing chunks after running for only 10 minutes, it will help believe me!

Now however, I am exercising regularly, and while I still enjoy the instant gratification of my small targets, I now need a long term goal, that’s why I have decided that I will be running the 2013 Great Eastern run, a half marathon around Peterborough, and my brother has kindly agreed to come and drag me along for the ride too!
So that’s my goal, I’m not rushing, I have a whole year to get ready to run the 13 miles, so I should be okay!

See you in the gym



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Sharing my first time!

Posted by Tubby Paul on September 25, 2012

Well I did it, and you know what it wasn’t THAT bad, no one stopped and stared at me, no one pointed and laughed as I went by, it was nowhere near as scary as I thought!

I went for a run outside!! Okay, so some of you are thinking big deal I’m sure, well to me it is a big deal! I can not recall EVER running outside of my own free will, without having been told too by my PE teacher in the early days, or the PTI’s in later life, and yes I have had some horrible flash backs to my old school cross-country, but luckily it was nothing like that!

Now, I didn’t go ever so far, but there  is a very real difference between running outside and in the gym on the treadmill, you have to think of slopes, dodge left behind dog muck, avoid where the path is being dug up, mind the little old lady walking her yorkshire terrier, and all kinds of other hazards you can’t anticipate. I think I set off a little fast, as I was soon huffing and puffing like a good un, but I was running…..outside!

So that’s it, I don’t know how far I ran, (I was out about 25 minutes) I don’t know what my heart rate got to or how many calories I burnt as I forgot to put my heart monitor on, I didn’t listen to music, I just ran……outside! It nigh on killed me, I got home feeling like death, my early faster than normal pace taking its toll, but I didn’t stop at all untill I finished the short loop I had planned. Ok I’ll admit, I did feel better once I had a shower, a bite to eat, and got my breath back!

So that’s it, the story of my first time, shorter than expected, and very tiring, but I will definitely be doing it again!

See you in the gym (or maybe outside!)


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Thyroid still playing up!

Posted by Tubby Paul on September 5, 2012

So I went to the doctors today to get my blood test results for my latest thyroid function test, and I am still under active, but a lot less under active than I was!   The Doc was quite happy with how I’m doing, and was impressed that I am managing to lose the weight even though my thyroid is still playing up, but I do feel loads better than I did a few months ago, so as long as I can keep the motivation up for the running and gym work, I will get there!
That said, did treat myself to some lovely cheeses the other night, and a very nice loaf of bread, so have had some supper treats I shouldnt have, but they were a one-off!

Anyway, just wanted to let you know what the docs had said!
See you in the gym,


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Posted by Tubby Paul on September 5, 2012

It’s important to know how much your putting in the tank! This could help.

One Regular Guy Writing about Food, Exercise and Living Past 100

Weight Watchers sent the following suggestions for gauging portion sizes when dining away from home.

“Keep in mind that dining out is a challenge that requires a special mindset as well as knowledge of portion size. Sometimes just being in a restaurant or at someone else’s home can promote a “special occasion” feeling that makes it tough to stick to healthy portions. ”

Strategies for portion control 
Restaurant portion sizes have expanded immensely – often to two or three times what they used to be. Friends and family may fill a plate out of generosity. But combined with a “clean-your-plate” mentality, this can spell trouble. The following strategies will help you keep control.
Divide your meal in half. As soon as the plate is set in front of you, ask your server to wrap up the other half to take home. Doing this right away helps you avoid the temptation…

View original post 166 more words

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