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It’s Not My Fault I’m Fat…..

Posted by Tubby Paul on March 26, 2012

It’s glandular, or maybe genetic, or because my Mum smoked when she was pregnant , or some other such reason that absolves me of blame.

Rubbish. My name is Paul, and I am obese. I am obese because I eat too much of the wrong foods (well too much food in general truth be told!) and because I do not do enough exercise.

Yes my thyroid has gone underactive by quite a lot, this means lots of things, but basically it slows down my metabolism, reduces my energy levels, and basically makes me feel like crap. What it doesn’t do is force me to eat all the pork pies out of a pack in one sitting. That is caused by greed!

As for the genetic argument, I watched a fascinating programme the truth about fat, it was really very interesting, and if you have a spare hour, I would recommend watching it! The main part that struck home to me was when they proved that there are hormones that tell you when you are full, and in some people these don’t work! Well duh, I could have told you that. That is why as a teenager I would put 2 stone on in a week at my grandparents, as my grandma cooked endlessly to try and fill me, I only ate one meal a day, it started when I got up, and ended when I got back in bed! But it’s not my hormones that make me stuff myself silly and eat the entire pack of doughnuts. That is caused by gluttony!

The fact that my Mum smoked, not sure I believe that one, but ok, cigarettes are the root of all evils, so why not blame them for this too! Even so, it is not the reason why even after a huge meal in a restaurant, that cake trolley with the big massive triple chocolate fudge cake and cream looks so good. That’s lust!

Right before I end up having committed any more deadly sins, let’s look at this realistically. Any of the above reasons do not, nor have not, made me obese, I have made me obese. I have had many years spent eating too much, not just the wrong foods, but food in general. I love food, I always have, and I always will. However, the treats have to become exactly that, they should be treats, the every now and thens, the rewards, not the everyday food. I think that way; I would probably enjoy them more too.

The other reason is no where near enough exercise. I hate, in fact I HATE running! Now I know there are lots of other ways to exercise, and no, I don’t do enough of those either, which is silly, as I do actually enjoy them! I guess the main excuse I find for not exercising is time, but my gym has teles in it, that programme above, the truth about fat one, there is no reason I couldn’t have watched that while working out, the reason I don’t do enough exercise is I am lazy and unfit! I know that once I get back into exercise, it will help me want to do more exercise, I know it releases endorphins which will make me feel good, and that it will make me fitter, which will make it easier, which will mean I want to do more, releasing more endorphins, making me feel better still and so the cycle repeats! It’s just that first trip back to the gym that is the worst!

All the excuses I mentioned earlier, they have not made me fat and unfit, I have made me fat and unfit. That said, they do mean I will have to work harder to achieve my goals but hard work has never killed anyone! (Okay, it probably has actually, but you know what I mean!)

So this is again time to draw a line in the sand, step across and leave the past behind. To sort out the diet, and do more exercise. That said, I am on 12 hour night shifts at the moment, and then at home with the girls for 2 weeks over Easter, so I will not be near my normal gym, but that doesn’t mean I can’t do more. The dog DEF needs walking more, and 2 weeks with the kids should be lots of walks to the parks, swimming trips and the like. I am not going to start insanity today, as I am sure I would fail, but, I think maybe after Easter me and insanity could be getting acquainted, just in time to get my ready for the summer right!

See you in the gym (I hope!)



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Posted by Tubby Paul on March 25, 2012

Good information is so hard to find!


Because finding good information is hard!!  So many theories…

Five Ways to Avoid Nutrition Misinformation | The Co-op Food Stores of New Hampshire and Vermont.

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