One mans fight with his waist line!

This is NOT a New Year’s resolution!

Posted by Tubby Paul on January 4, 2012

Honestly it’s not!! I started in the gym 2 weeks before Christmas, when I stopped smoking, but I did eat A LOT over the festivities, so now is the time to start taking this seriously!
The way I see it, no matter what excuses people come out with, if you want to lose weight, you have to put less calories into your body than you use. To quote that annoying meerkat, “Simplees”, and to increase fitness you have to exercise, again quite a simple thing, so, why on earth for the last 32 years have a been over weight / obese and unfit?? (Apart from twice, but I’ll tell you about that another time!)
I am quite lucky, at my work there is a small gym, this has some life fitness equipment, running machines, a bike, and a cross trainer and I have created an account with their virtual trainer; (I can only use this with the bike and runner though). There are also rowing machines, multi-gym type machines and free weights which I will get to once I have brought my base fitness up a bit!
Right, some stats for you then, my height is 178cm or 5ft 10 in old money, I’m not expecting my height to change, so that’s why I haven’t put it in the list!
Weight: 94 Kg 14 st 11
BMI: 28.10*
Waist: 97cm 38”
MSFT Score: Will do it at work tonight and update tomorrow!

Ok, the BMI above was worked out by the Wii Fit programme (something I will review soon) I have also used a couple of online calculators, all of which give slightly different answers, so I will stick with what the Wii says for now!
Right then, what is the MSFT Score I hear you ask? This is the multi stage fitness test, as used by the Royal Air Force to measure fitness. It is run as a 20 metre shuttle, running in time to a series of beeps that progressively get faster and faster. At my age, I have to get to level 9.10, I can’t!! It can also be simulated on a runner. 1 degree incline, start at 8km/h and increase half a km/h every minute. Each increase is roughly equivalent to a level, however they reckon you should do a couple of levels extra to make up for turning! Passing this is my first goal!
Ok, that’s going to have to be enough for today, time for work!

See you in the gym!



3 Responses to “This is NOT a New Year’s resolution!”

  1. Good on you mate! The treadmill MSFT is a great training aid and indicator of how you’re doing. I used to have trouble with the MSFT but do you know what helped? When I figured out that when you’ve struggled with it once there is then a mental block and you believe that you cannot do it. The treadmill helps with that, as you do it a few times you can push yourself to exhaustion, it’s just you, and noone recording a pass/fail. When you last did the MSFT, when you were done did you really feel that you’d pushed yourself as far as you could go? Maybe after 30 seconds recovery you thought “I could have done a couple more shuttles” and been pissed off that you hadn’t? Thats how I was anyway. Mental attitude is the key to the MSFT, I’m sure of it.

    • tubbypaul said

      While I do agree, a lot of it is mental, higher fitness levels should help!! When I came back from Afghan, I was the fittest I have ever been, and still only just passed the MSFT. I think it is all about training for the MSFT, doing the tread mill version, interval training, and shuttle work, thats what i am going to concentrate on anyway!

  2. […] weight, that will help improve my fitness, while helping build my strength. Once I have got the MSFT passed, then I can start working on building some muscle mass, as I would love to have bigger […]

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